Industrial & Commercial Photography

Who is this guy? What’s he doing? Why should I hire him? Great questions, let’s get to it!

ICP is the brainchild of Professional Photographer Randy Sartin (that’s me), who just happens to shoot a lot of photographs. Of everything…from models to sports to catalogs to construction sites to underground mines to filming video to creating content for academic institutions, I am quickly becoming known as someone who can handle most any photographic or video need you may have. Depending on a job’s particular requirement, I am quick to bring in audio/visual/makeup specialists to assist as needed, which helps to guarantee that you will be amazed at the results.

In the past year I have completed projects for AT&T, a manufacturer of piping used in underground mining (as in I spent a day in a coal mine), and a small local construction company here in Knoxville. In addition I photographed a Sports Illustrated cover, filmed/produced a three hour instructional video, and photographed the #1 softball team in the United States. I like variety, what can I say?:)

Here’s why you should hire ICP:

  • I will not stop until my client is 100% satisfied.
  • I can quickly adapt to most any crazy scenario in the world.
  • Using dramatic and creative lighting and posing techniques, I promise you will be getting awesome imagery and/or video
  • I am a 100% full time photographer and can present myself well in a corporate boardroom, on an athletic field, or in a factory. In addition we carry comprehensive insurance and can provide certificates of insurance as needed.